Welcome to Day of the Dog, the blog for 42 Walks Dog Training

You’re going to find games to play with your dog, education, and puppy pictures–because the internet needs more pictures of adorable dogs doing wonderful doggy things.

Look for weekly challenges! These will be simple games you can play with your dog to  improve their manners, build their confidence, or confirm their belief that you are the most amazing human on the planet. Have a little fun, show your pup some love, and check in every week to see what’s next!

There will be posts about common questions, like, “How do I socialize my dog during COVID?” “Should I get another dog to keep my dog company?” “What do we do when we meet off-leash dogs?” “My spouse eats all my fries. Can I make them get their own?” “I told my dog that the squirrels aren’t mocking him, but he still cusses at them. What do I do?”

Sometimes we’ll be serious, sometimes we won’t. Guest columnists are welcome, and puppy pictures are very welcome! (Did we mention that the internet needs more puppies?)

This blog is a place where you can come to learn, to laugh, and to get a little dopamine and oxytocin* (puppy pictures!) Above all, this blog is here to be helpful. Thanks for visiting. What can we do to serve you?

Snuggles and teeth,
Mokey, Rayvin, and their minion, Bree

*Thanks, National Geographic. Here’s the link if you want to read about it: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/news/2017/03/national-puppy-day-vintage-pictures/#:~:text=The%20leading%20theory%2C%20known%20as,when%20we%20fall%20in%20love.

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