Speed Sits

This week, we’re working on Speed Sits.

Your dog already knows how to sit, but some dogs… sit… in… slow… motion.
Our goal is for your dog to sit with so much enthusiasm that the Richter Scale registers when their bum hits the floor.

Step 1: Ask for a sit. When your dog sits, say “Yes!” and give a treat.
Step 2: Move away, so that your dog gets up to follow you.
Step 3: Ask for a sit.
3a: If the sit is faster than last time, say “Yes!” and give a treat.
3b: If the sit is slower than the last one, say “Good Dog!” in a happy voice, but no treat.
Step 4: Repeat 3 times, then stop while your dog is still having fun.
Step 5: Play again tomorrow.

How much faster did your dog get?

You may be able to speed them up even more by giving the reward at random intervals, but only for strong performances. Have fun, and we’ll see you next week!

Snuggles and Teeth,
Mokey, Rayvin, and Bree

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