I am Bree Reza, CPDT-KA.

I love the joy and function that dogs bring to our lives. Dogs are more capable than we give them credit for, and I’m thrilled when my training helps your dog share more of your daily life.

I’ve been family to everything from Rat Terriers to Irish Wolfhounds. I currently live with a German Shepherd, a Belgian Malinois, and all of their hair. Both dogs are part-time employees of 42 Walks Dog Training.

I have volunteered for rescues, fostered, trained
other peoples’ dogs, adopted, and been a crazy-dog-lady for a long time. Eventually, I took the steps to make it official.

Hundreds of dogs, webinars, books, mentors, courses, and hours of labor later, we have 42 Walks Dog Training. Thanks for stopping by, and please tell your pup that we said hello.

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