Announcing: Group Sessions for adolescent dogs!

Photo by Andrey Câmara on Unsplash

Keeping your bananas in a bunch isn’t easy! As requested, 42 Walks Dog Training is setting up a group course to work on impulse control.

This is a small-group micro-class. It’s only 4 sessions and we have a very focused goal.

Who is it for?
This class is for adolescent dogs between 5 months and 2 years who have done at least 2 sessions with 42 Walks Dog Training.

What will we do?
Leash manners, impulse control, and neutral socialization are the core goals. We’ll spend the first session doing a little bit of review, and then dive into drills. Over the course of four sessions, we will gradually increase the difficulty.

Can Rover stroll past a steak laying in the grass? Can he sit calmly while other other dogs play? Those are reasonable goals, and this class works toward them.

And we’ll have fun! Because if it’s not fun, what’s the point?

What won’t we do?
We won’t do free-play. This is about teaching your dog to be relaxed and have composure. I encourage students to exchange numbers and meet after class, but during class we want our dogs to understand that you are the sun and moon of their world.

Your dogs already have a foundation in basic obedience, but we don’t expect perfection! This class is about helping them succeed under distraction. We’ll do a brief review of basics if needed.

This class is intended for dogs who are excitable or need to build confidence, but it’s not suitable for dogs who are aggressive-reactive.

When and Where?
Class will be held from 1-1:45pm on Sundays.
Sessions will be held Oct 30th, Nov 6th, Nov 13th, and Nov 20th. “There’s no bad weather, just bad clothes,” but for temperatures under 15 degrees or snowfall greater than 6 inches, we will have a make-up day on Dec 4.

Location will change each week. Helping our dogs learn to focus under distraction also means in different spaces.

What’s required?
An adult handler, a favorite toy, some treats, a secure collar and/or harness, and a 4-6 foot traditional leash. Bring boots and a jacket if your dog gets cold. A mat to lay on can be a good idea, especially on colder days.

What does it cost?
Enrollment is $200 per dog for the mini-course.

I haven’t trained with you before- OR- My dog isn’t a teenager. When will you do another group class?
If there is enough interest, I may do an adult mini-course for established clients. I am not planning to conduct a basic obedience group class until after the holiday season.

I have additional questions.
Great! Give me a call or email me. I’d love to catch up and chat!

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