Dogs and Buckets

Marrying into a farm family was tough on Gramma. She had the patience (and tribulations) of Job, but she carried on with a smile most days. She kept her sanity by maintaining a spotless kitchen floor… even if she had to mop three times a day to keep up with muddy boots, feral children, andContinue reading “Dogs and Buckets”

Welcome to Day of the Dog, the blog for 42 Walks Dog Training

You’re going to find games to play with your dog, education, and puppy pictures–because the internet needs more pictures of adorable dogs doing wonderful doggy things. Look for weekly challenges! These will be simple games you can play with your dog to  improve their manners, build their confidence, or confirm their belief that you areContinue reading “Welcome to Day of the Dog, the blog for 42 Walks Dog Training”