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Collar Up!

If getting your dog dressed is a combination of professional wrestling and calf-roping, COLLAR UP will make your life a lot easier. A few minutes of practice will give you years of convenience.

Why Doesn’t My Dog Understand?

Communicating with your dog would be a lot easier if they just spoke English… We are going to talk about some of the pitfalls and bad habits that get in the way, and show you how to communicate with them in a way that they’ll actually understand.

No More Jack-In-The-Box!

If your dog will sit or down, but jumps up right away, this post will help you teach them patience!

This is a Love Story For a Senior Dog

Senior dogs are wonderful and they need adopters. There are lists with pros and cons, but you’re adopting a dog, not a list. Here’s the story of one of my seniors.

Speed Sits

Speed sits help your dog respond faster. You’ll learn how to shape their skill so that they sit with enthusiasm.

Dogs and Buckets

Marrying into a farm family was tough on Gramma. She had the patience (and tribulations) of Job, but she carried on with a smile most days. She kept her sanity by maintaining a spotless kitchen floor… even if she had to mop three times a day to keep up with muddy boots, feral children, andContinue reading “Dogs and Buckets”

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