42 Walks Dog Training offers help from Sit to Oh, Fiddlesticks!
Whatever your dog is learning, we can help you shine.

What level is your dog trained to? What level would you like to reach? From foundations to specialized skills, obedience training opens the world to you and your dog.

Puppies are wonderful, fuzzy, adorable… and magnets for mischief! Your life-long partnership starts with training that recognizes your puppy’s developmental needs and nurtures their talent.

There are times when your schedule or physical limitations prevent you from training your dog in person. For those circumstances, we offer daily in-home service. Contact us to learn more.

If you live with a difficult dog, you know how much work it is to manage their behavior. You can love them and still be tired. We can make it easier.

Many people live in areas where they don’t have easy access to personalized dog training. For rural Colorado and beyond, remote training is a way to enrich life with your dog.

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